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In May 2018, Sickla substation building on the latest and the most up-to-date Tvärbanan half-speed tram tramline (Stockholm) was completed.

"Tvärbanan" literally means "line for interchanges" or "crossroad". Line length is 11,5 km, number of stops 17. Only modern high-speed trams ply along it. Tram line extension up to Saltsjöbanan railway "Sickla" suburban old-time electric trains platform with arrangement of a cross-platform interchange between tram and electric trains was carried out in late 2017.

Swedish partner company, specialized in the filed of high voltage equipment, was the General Contractor. In 2017 this company carried out design, building, selection and purchase of equipment for traction substation, and in 2018 carried out installation and commissioning works.

PLUTON experts carried out development and equipment supply, as well as commissioning execution monitoring.

Within the framework of the project traction substation was equipped with reliable and modern equipment, meeting European and international standards
rectifier V-TPED-750-12R, DC switchgears series RU-750-L, RU-750-OSH, RU-750-RV, as well as with high-speed circuit breaker checker produced by PLUTON.

The project was implemented within a maximally short period (it's been less than 4 months from development to the day of supply). Besides, site area for substation placement was rather small, so that it was necessary to select compact equipment, which would allow maximally reducing occupied substation space.


PLUTON introduced a completely new solution draw-out "diode-diode" rectifier V-TPED-750-12R, developed specially for project needs. Compact overall dimensions are a distinctive feature of rectifier one section width is only 600 mm. Rectifier is installed on a par with switchgears 750 V.

Draw-out design of rectifier V-TPED-750-12R provided undoubtful advantages free access to the components and one-sided maintenance at the narrow facade. Special backboard provides safe separation of power unit from bus compartment. Rectifier is equipped with microprocessor protection system, diagnostics and control, WEB-interface.

Information about rectifier and its components state can be monitored on the visualization panel with the use of specialized program.

12-pulse rectifier is developed with application of innovative schematic and technical solutions, meant to significantly reduce substation operational costs, increase equipment lifetime and provide operational safety. Due to
two-section design, in case of failure or breakdown, diode can be replaced without rectifier emergency shutdown the second section remains active.

project is not the first successful experience of PLUTON company in Sweden. In 2016 PLUTON carried out DC equipment supply for 5 traction substations for 1,6 MVA capacity Lidingöbanan line reconstruction. Project implementation final result completely met Customer's expectations city-owned company AB Storctockholms Lokaltrafik, which carries out public transport arrangement, express willingness to further cooperation with PLUTON.
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